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Xmas setting in green - 12-2018
Roombox: Minimagine ... Big tree, snowmen, wreath, Holiday cards: gifts from friends ... Pallets, small trees, letters, stars: from various local shops
Carpet, cushion and pillows, wrapping paper, felt basket, parcels and wall hanger: made by me

I bought small wooden clothes pegs with these bunnies glued on and sawed them off. The flowers are made by me and the vase is from my "lid collection. - 03-2018
The grass is a decoration ribbon from felt that I bought somewhere.

Setting for the A-Z Challenge D - 03-2018
Roombox: Minimagine / Doors: gift from Cathleen / Interior: Sofa by IT, magazines by friends, everything else by me

Day of...
2018-02-03 National Carrot Cake Day
The Brazilian carrot cake was a gift from a friend which I got longtime ago. Now Ipimped it up by adding the green to the carrots.

Day of...
2018-01-18 American Gourmet Coffee Day
This is the way the Lady likes to cook and drink her coffee. Luckily we have such a coffee maker even in 1:6.

Day of...
2018-01-17 Anniversaire de l'Art
I made two Art objects. One is made of an interesting looking piece of bark on a stand made from wire and clay.
The other is a pendant I've found lately at the jewelry corner of a DIY store. It's stand is made from wire and balsawood stained with coffee grounds.
The small jars are pearls from the same DIY store.

Day of...
On Internet I found a list with funny feast days:
2018-01-10 Houseplant Day
2018-01-11 National Milk Day and Day of the German Apple
This was the inspiration for a picture. Pallet table, apples, milk and plant made by her.

New Year Vignette - 12-2017
The props all come from my stock or were crafted by me. The sideboard is a holder for flowers which Kathi gaves me years ago and which is usually in the dolls dining room together with the big mirror
(coaster). The Chalk-Board, the clock faces and the cylinder are made of paper, cardboard and balsa wood, the binoculars are a gift of CdP and the horseshoe as well as the big vase I had at hand.
So also the Champagne bottle and the glasses (homemade champagne from Scenic-Water) which are putted on the lid of a box of Mattel chocolates. The black chair is the only new item in the photo.

Advent decoration. - 12-2017

Autumnal outdoor decoration. - 10-2017


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